A.M. Look 5/21/21

Spoo/Bond daily cloud reinforces the notion that we’re in a consolidation phase the can last a month before something gives.

Price action is going sideways, which looks like a time correction, waiting for the cloud.

Gold is gaining on Copper.
Keep a close watch on Copper/Yuan which held support last night.

Gold low risk buy zone is in the 1840’s.

GoldinEuros and a few other FX spreads are creeping  closer to their 200DMA.
This just says beware of buying strength in the barbaric relic.

Silver/Platinum is putting in a huge wedge on the weekly.

July Lumber put in a bullish bottoming pattern Wednesday.
Does mid-week shuffle sound a familiar note?

Currently no trade location.

Oil…big time low last night. It is the level to be long against.

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