A.M. Look 4/8/24

30 Yr. Bonds are breaking down. Expected future price movement has been explained in the room.

2 Yr. Yield is breaking out with 4.826 next. This shows the range from the Oct 23 shift to short term T-Bill funding.

Gold is on a mission. It’s my belief that all the bad actors cut out of the swift system are using Bitcoin and Gold to settle trade.

First qtr 2022 the class calculated a 2519 target. We’re getting close. It will currently take sustained price under 2340 for any back and fill.

Zimbabwe going to a gold backed currency will likely be the first of many.

Oil…82.08 print is needed to signal an interim high. It still looks like it has a short term destiny with a print closer to 89.

You have the sheets. Follow the yellow brick road.

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