A.M. Look 4/5/23

Keep your mouse clicking to yourself!

Spoos are caught between 4137.50-39.50 on top. 4137.50 needed for a reversal on the 25X3 and the mid teens.

Nasd is sitting on a weekly pivotal closing level @ 13,200

I spent some time going through the Silver spreads. I must’ve been on a homework strike, missing one or the easier bottoms against FX on March 10th.

Nothing to do in here. Risky with no trade location at these levels.

Chicago has a new Mayor that will get more major corporations and residents to leave town.

We saw this movie in the 80’s when the CME was faced with a transaction tax. CME threatened to move to Texas and implode Northshore Real Estate.

Best clean your firearms, they’ll need to be in good working order if you plan to remain.

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