A.M. Look 4/23/24

Gold stopped at one of those pesky long-term fibs that can reject.

Last week I went over the Gold saying an interim high was in and why.

Timing only had a week left to rally coming into a Full Moon.

Can anyone say possible directional change?

It started in Tokyo Gold denominated in Yen.

The video recaps last weeks conversation about Gold.


Nasd 100 has room to rally to 17,570’s and still reject.

Oil needs to hold above its 50 DMA. I got the upside wiggle I was anticipating last night.

* Earnings expected from Tesla, Pepsi, GE Aerospace, GM,Spotify, Mattel, Philip Morris, UPS, Halliburton, Novartis,Lockheed Martin, JetBlue, RTX, NextEra Energy, Chubb,and Visa

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