A.M. Look 4/19/24

You’re still dealing with Pit gaps in Spoo & 30 Yr. this A.M.

Nasd low was exactly 50 % of the way between the qtly pivot and the next Matrix #.

It’s a perfect example of why you subscribe. If something is happening all you have to do is check your spreadsheet to see what is what.

Gold has another week to make a new high. The pattern is vulnerable.

War spikes over the past 5 decades usually fade and the same goes for Oil.

Euro…106 is key.

Bitcoin halving tonight. Currently trading 50% in the middle of nowhere.

Spoo/Two Yr. has now elected its monthly ORL sell stops.

30-2 spread spiked its 200 DMA last night and is now into congestion. Same with the 10-2.

Risk spreads had big moves last night, now they need to digest.

As an aside , the biggest divergence yesterday A.M. was the weakening Peso as the Spoo rallied 50 points.

Which one was lying? It turned out it was the Europeans getting jammed after buying risk before the hammer felll.

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