A.M. Look 4/15/24

There was a Bloomberg article over the weekend about a pawn shop in New York doing record business in Gold jewelry.
Clients were selling the family jewels to raise cash.

The last time this happened was Silver and Silverware in 1979 just before the all time high.

Friday I put out a Silver piece in the A.M. I often do this as a heads up, so you can pay attention to price.

Markets don’t always give you the exact tick, but it behooves one to pay attention when a market gets within spitting distance.

Gold…2390 print is needed to confirm Friday’s low for risk management.

FX…yen crosses held support on Friday and are back to rally mode with the yen leading with Treasury Futures weak

Indices…let the sheets be your guide. All need new stained price action below Frida’s lows for more correction.

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