A.M. Look 3/11/11

Silver…33.965-34.04 is the big downside closing pivot. This is the support area first time down. This is the second test of this level. This is a cheap out in the Silver against this level. You can always re sell your position going through or closing under this level.

Gold…1388.20-1397 is the death zone first time down for the shorts. Don’t sell weakness into this zone the first time down.

Bonds are finally going to run the front month stops during the day session today (Maybe). Yeah I know, it took 2 months longer than I originally thought. I am looking for a move towards 124 basis (H) March contract.

Just a general observation across all asset classes this a.m. ” if it’s got a dollar sign on it it’s getting unloaded!” Stocks,Metals,Grains,Oil,et al.

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