A.M. Look 3/12/20

Spoo’s have breached its 200 WMA and is into the 50 Month Mvg avg.

Nasd 100 is @ the top of the weekly cloud. The previous occasion
was 6/3/19 when a weekly ORH ensued from 7000.

That’s not going to happen this time.

Selling weakness of this magnitude is always problematic.

7474.25 are the qtly macro sell stops.

Before this is over they will be elected.

Be patient for the ECB as this will cause more volatility.

You’re not looking for a low!
You’re only looking for failed rallies to sell.

You’ll get 50 handle pops.

Last nights rally off the low stopped where?
Look at your bloody sheets!

If you don’t have them you’re flying blind!

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