A.M. Look 2/5/24

Bonds require a 121.00 print for a reversal on the long term point & figure.

Current yield charts show the 10’s @ its 200 DMA, 2’s into cloud and mag avg resistance.

2-10 so far held iis 50 DMA.

2-30 into cloud and mag avg support. Keep an eye on this one.

Friday Spoos stopped at a big round natural #. It will now take a 4950 print for further profit taking.

Dow hit its first target extension.

Nasd long term point& figures will require a print into the target on the sheet to break out.

Bozo’s circus is in full swing.

Border war is heating up with 60 Minutes piece showing all the Chinese just walking into the U.S.

A little covered news blurb is that Tucker Carlson is in Russia.

Is he coordinating the disinformation campaign for Trump or negotiating his pay package for deep sixing all our European allies and Ukraine on day 1 in office.

Jared already took 2 Billion from MBS.

I’m not a fan of much of the Biden policies but I detest traitors.

Even Nixon put America first.

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