A.M. Look 2/24/23

We’re into rollovers.

May (K) Beans is front month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June (M) Bonds will be up on everyone’s front end today.
Next week will be the first week of June volume overtaking March.

Know what you are looking at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could care less about the June Bonds. They are not front month in my world.

For those of you who bothered to listen to the tutorial I gave Brian you know what to do.

Weekly risk spreads have further to fall.

There is nothing I wish to own.

Spoo’s reverse lower on the 50X3 below 3984.25. This is the skinny part of the cloud!!!!
Meaning sustained price action below, the path of least resistance is then down!

Last chart is Andrews sell everything chart!

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