A.M. Look 2/17/23

We’re going into a holiday weekend. NYSE is closed on Monday.

Judd’s room will be closed on Monday.

2-10’s have hit resistance.

30 Yr. Yield is into closing resistance. ” Selling weakness in the 30 Yr. Futures is a fools errand today”

Gold is into initial support and I’m not a fan of it, not with a bid Dollar.

Spoo’s…4048.50 is a 50% level that is a cover zone the first time in.

Lower lows into the 4050’s into the 4050 Puts for expiration today is a do not sell level the first time down.

Crude îs into support against the Yen but has broken down against the Yuan. XI is getting his juice from IRAN.

Expect a couple of flows today and do not fade the late day show.

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