A.M. Look 12/27/19

Today’s headlines cited a Chinese banker being sentenced to death for lining his pockets to the tune of 100 Mil. from his failed bank.

We could’ve used a little of that in 2008.

The melt-up continues in the Indices as investors and traders get prepositioned long in the commodity currencies for next year.

Suisse/Yen has the better pattern to get on a weakening Dollar scenario after the Euro extremes put in on the 25th in late Asia early Mideast session.

All WhiteWave trials end today.

PAX Group and Judd’s Room have been all over the year end rally in the Equities and this past weeks Gold rally.

Yra has been a huge part of our success.
His vision keeps us on the correct triggers for the big turns.

Thanks Yra!!

New sheets and targets will be compiled and sent over the weekend.

Make your lists and check them twice!!
Our conversations go better with prior input.

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