A.M. Look 12/23/19

I urge everyone to take the time to listen to this Druckenmiller interview.


Silver hit its resistance. it will take sustained and closing price action above the overnight high to extend.

Friday’s Also driven weakness in Palladium had its effect on the other metals.

There were false signals in many of the big cap stocks as the options volatility crush took hold late day.

Risk reward land the two best looking candidates are Long Aussie dollar and Nasd 100 Futures against last night’s low.

AUD/USD…6929 is the Monthly ORH

I’ll be around this week and will open the room. I can’t promise I’ll be hanging around for long.

There will be no further DMI’s this week.

Time for a head break while I roll all my work for the new year.

I would urge everyone to pay attention to the streets new picks for 2020.

Compile a list and send the names.

ROKU was a consensus Long @ $30 the last week of 2018.
It rallied to $175.

Whose idea is irrelevant for our purpose.

We Trade to make Money!!

Happy Hannukah
Happy Xmas

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