A.M. Look 12/13/22

We’re into rollover and the yearly end game.

I gave everyone my overview late day yesterday.

Equity Patterns were coming into today with Bullish patterns.

30 Yr. Bonds…129 is the only print of interest on the downside or a break above 132.

I am not putting out charts this week.

Class members know why!

You pay the price of the course to understand what you are seeing and which charts are relevant.

Talk is utter B.S. Only Price matters!

Leave the psycho babble at the door!

Beware the lemmings in full flight after the inflation #.

If you follow the wrong map you are dead wrong and will get run over.!

It’s time to react @ macro levels.

If you’ve been in the room this year you should’ve had a very good year.

Don’t blow it all over the next few sessions.

If you’ve been inn the room and have been part if the silent society and have not done well that’s on you.

Spoo P&F is a March chart

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