A.M. Look 11/7/22

Indices are trading similar to the past few weeks with early week strength.
Spoo’s have been trading risk off into Asia and then reversing into the U.S.

The markets will have a political reaction over the next few sessions with many U.S. races too close to call.

Media would have you believe its a Republican sweep of both houses with the election deniers
running the board.

Tune out the news!

Many races will take up to 2 weeks to count the absentee ballots.The Military absentee vote
will likely be skewed heavily for Trumpist candidates.

Tomorrow is a Full Moon with a total Lunar eclipse!!!!
Possible near term trend change and volatile mid-week.

Spoos are back to the top of value on the 100X3.

I’ am not looking to fade a breakout much above 3806 ish.

Congrats to the members that sold Silver and Copper late Friday and took their money after last nights opening!

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