A.M. Look 11/4/22

Commodities and commodity led names that are in a Bull Phase.

Tech is in a Bear.

Technicals and price rule the day.

Don’t fight the flow.

Pay attention to the Pit gaps in Spoo & Nasd.

Everyone has had a monster week. Don’t be a hero today!

Like always, if I see it I’ll say it in the room. This is the raw video with Yra, Bockvar and Rosenberg broadcast from Richard’s Versailles address.

** https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/MvFrG6FlCkm55pICoNBgXcQmX0ufwbRiR3ychul7iB3CJ3LeSRU0T7Ui4I2XTQd1.zenNZB6Pbbv9wJri

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