A.M. Look 11/29/22

I’ve been doing this since 1974.

If you were in the rom very late day yesterday I told everyone to get out of all Risk off positions
in the Indices and FX.

Why? I smelled a rat in the long end of the curve with the 2-10 putting in an ORL at the bottom of a move.
If you don’t understand the implications of that check the glossary!

Spoo need a 4K print to turn back up on 50X3 the point & figure.

Aussie, after yesterday’s weakness, is trying to negate the entire day with an ORH.

Oil… held unchanged on the year yesterday, which is something we went over extensively in the room.

NO chasing today.

I will be leaving before 9 A.M. CDT and returning late afternoon.

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