A.M. Look 11/22/23

Enjoy your holiday festivities.

Judd’s Room will be open all day, then closed until Monday.

Pit charts are the charts of truth when viewing the Spoo or Bonds.

Long Gold and Long Indices are showing weekly breakouts, which is something to monitor Friday into Monday.

Russell is caught between 1784 and 1830.

Long term yield charts do not provide an accurate road map for price movement. It’s all about the U.S. session Futures.

Oil. and the entire energy sector is putting in a Wednesday high and ORL’s

73.60 is the level to look for Oil to hold with a very short leash.

Food for thought; Doomberg published an energy piece last night where he expanded on his sanctions theme “They don’t work”

Ok, I agree with the premise. What he doesn’t get into is the How. How do you get U.S. producers to increase production when every time they have they have gotten smoked.

If they didn’t wish to do it when Oil spiked 100, they just Took the money, how do you incentives them to do it at $75?

I await your thoughts.

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