A.M. Look 11/20/19

Mid-Week Shuffle 

Looking for any sign that the technical model can turn.

Bond Futures across the entire curve are trading @ their respective 50 DMA’s.

Target is up a blistering 9% after earnings.
The great rotation continues.

Spoo & Nasd have put in pressure relief breaks on the PNF’s.

Spoo has come into the short-term avenges that have held for this recent leg of the rally.

Spoo/Bond is into its retrace support.

Spoo’s would need a print into 3087 ish for a reversal on the 50X3 possible signaling a bigger dip. Not looking for it..

Metals can’t get anything going.

VXX put in a bottoming pattern yesterday. it would take a close over 18.15 for this to signal more Risk Off.

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