A.M. Look 11/1/22

Spoo/Bond is flirting with 3209. It will be pivotal tomorrow going into Friday’s close.

In the meantime if you wish to fade the Bonds and first of month capital flows “Good Luck!”

Trade with the market not against it.

My technical models are lagging indicators. They take a couple of weeks to move.
Do not let the narrative get in the way of you making money and trading the swings for they have been substantial.

Bears can look tomorrow afternoon for a possible extreme, but remember to not fight the capital flows!!!!!

Copper is flirting with a 2 month breakout. Worth keeping an eye on.
I have no interest in chasing it into its 50 DMA and the Cloud.

Platinum is trading @ its 200 DMA, which held yesterday. Just another risk indicator.

Bolsonaro is pulling a Trump!!!!

Double check your news feeds and delete the ones that promote false narratives for the Bots!!!!!!!!!!

Yra’s suggested reading!

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