A.M. Look 10/20/22

USD/JPY traded 150, so far no reaction other than a buying of other Currencies via the crosses.

Last night I put in a Mexico chart EWW.
Peso has been stable and now unchanged on the year against the Dollar.

A new wave of anchoring would be beneficial to Mexico.

I’m attaching some Oil and Tanker charts this A.M., per our room discussion yesterday afternoon.

The big boys are mostly privately held; INSW,SFL,NMN,TNP,DHT,FRO,TK are a few others to consider looking at.

Minority leader Kevin Mccarthy announced late yesterday his intent to curtail funds for Ukraine, along with the State Department stating they think China might move on Taiwan within the next two years.

It’s going to get political the first week of November.

We’ll be back to a WW11 situation.

LIsten to Yra and Julian Brigden.


This was an incredible podcast. We look forward to more!

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