A.M. Look 10/18/22

It’s a big gap game in the Indices.

Crude has rolled to December which trades @ a $1 discount to Nov.
Course members should trade accordingly.

Netflix has been trying to bottom since its last earnings implosion.
Now it’s trying to do a gap fill to the upside.

The Fibs line up with the 200 DMA @ 282.86.

Spoo/Bond has retested its 9/12/22 ORL breakdown #
It will be a pivotal level.

Today is Tuesday!

If you get a short term selloff during the day do not forget to take your money!

Risk Spreads are currently positive with Nasd/Bond trading @ its 200 DMA.

I will be out of office for the bulk of the day returning very late.

Bruce will be running the show.

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