A.M. Look 1/27/23

Yes the Indices are short term extended. It’s al about where a Break holds today.

Spoos should hold up in to the mid low 40’s the first time down, with 4037.50 the reversal # on the 50X3.

Beans are holding up relatively well denominated in Real.

Bonds are going to be the big game going into next week.

European debt has retraced 50% of the year.

U.S. 30 needs sustained price action under it’s reversal # @ 129.00 for higher rates.

This should be the focal point. How will this affect the Index and Commodity trade?

Next week is the FOMC on Wed with the big four tech company earnings and Friday Payrolls.

Next week will put in play a lot of asset classes.

Don’t get bored today and click the mouse!

The game is afoot.

Above all, don’t be a genius and fade the afternoon flow.

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