A.M. Look 1/12/24 (copy 01)

Oil & Gold have put in reversals to the upside and are now into resistance.

Spoo & Nasd are currently losing steam at unchanged on the year.

There is no new signal to do anything.

Spoo will need to sustain under 4775 to open the possibility for a lower low for the year.

Bonds are stuck, with the short end putting in ORH’s yesterday and not following through this A.M.

Uranium is making all time Highs. I’ll take a look at the miners later in the room..

NYSE is closed Monday. Globex has regular hours Sunday night with a noon closing Monday and the usual reopening @ 5 CDT.

You’ll likely see one or two wiggles with most participants heading for the hills.

It’s not a day to press.

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