The Whitewave Team is up early and works late. Their trading strategies are brilliant ! The general comments with short, mid ,and long term views, give plainly stated pivot levels, this data is at the core, of all my trades. Trades have stops and profit points. I’ve been a client three years, the calls and trades are clear and concise, I know when I’m right, and I know when I’m wrong !

Jeff Zoraian

WhiteWave has played an integral part in my decision making process for several years now. As an institutional money manager, It is imperative that I have input that is responsive, insightful, unemotional and outside the box. They consistently provide all of the above…

Robert Francello | Head Trader, Apex Capital, LLC

I have been utilizing your service since inception.  As a daytrader for 32 years, it has tremendously helped me to visualize a longer term perspective that it has provided.  The market turning points have been quite accurate both pricewise and timewise.

– David Langer

Personal anecdote: Found his services through word of mouth and was not disappointed.  The only service that I know of that combines daily trading guidance and conversations with White Wave himself.  He always takes the time to respond.  And by using this service, I’m trading less and making more money.

– Eric Harbor CEO Caesar Trade

As I discuss in my book, The Sensible Guide To Forex, relentless focus on mimicking losses is what separates the pros from the posers. Whitewave’s Global strategist is one of the rare professionals who is truly focused on risk management and maximizing reward/risk. He delivers, and doesn’t make a big deal about it. If you’re looking for exposure to trading in a variety of markets and results delivered without pretense from a real pro, look no further.

– Cliff Wachtel

I have over 25 years trading experience, and have used Whitewave for 3+years.  Their outlook is tailored for short, medium, as well as long term players.  They cover every relevant capital market worldwide.  It isn’t about time spent, but distance traveled with them.  Trade alerts are clearly given, with appropriate exits.  I use them as an integral part of my approach to trading.  They are by far the best service I have ever used.

Head trader at SCN Trading

I’ve been close to Whitewave’s Chief Global Strategist for the 30 years I was a floor trader. In the past I’ve retained him for private coaching and ongoing education. His information and approach is always on target. He has made transferring from Pit trading, to trading electronically seamless. Patient, Professional and an excellent technician.

Matt Newberger

Whitewave has put together one of the most accurate and non- emotional approaches to trading that I have used in over 15 years of active trading. Whitewave covers many different products which is helpful as we sometimes as traders can become very insular in our own “zones”. He stays with you through the trade and helps immensely by uncovering the ‘reality’ of the trade.

Jamie Lissette, Hammerstone Inc.