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Daily Market Intelligence 10/16/19

Daily Market Intelligence 10-16-19

A.M. Look 10/16/19

Spoo’s will require a print into the low 2980’s for a reversal on the 25X3. Nasd 100 will be the better lead Index. Spoo/Bonds have initially rejected its 200 DMA matching the potential double top on the 100X3 Spoo PNF. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/14/19

Midday Missive

FOMO buying in names led by the Dow and the Industrials. Bonds have elected their weekly ORL sell stops on the Long end of the curve. Spoo’s have filled out its Point & Figure Currency/precious metals spreads remain under duress. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/11/19

Daily Market Intelligence 10-11-19

A.M. Look 10/11/19

This time it’s for real? Nasd/Bonds are trading @ its 200 DMA. This is the level we broke from 10/1/19. Spoo..100X3 shows room to 2986┬áish Aussie low this week looks good. The Peso is strengthening along with EWW,now trading above … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/10/19

Today through tomorrow will be Tweet driven trading. Nasd 100 low was the target and the closing downside pivot. Spoo’s filled out its 50X3 last night. Euro filled out its 25X3 last night. Overnight headlines are driving the board. ECB … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/8/19

Trade deal has faded into oblivion. Powell’s speech in Denver this afternoon has the potential to be a very large market moving event. Expect market volatility if Powell starts walking back a rate cut. All U.S. Treasury Futures held their … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/8/19

Daily Market Intelligence 10-8-19

A.M. Look 10/7/19

European Indices have ben strong since London came in. This strength is leading traders to push up U.S. Futures up ahead of of the U.S. opening. Oil…53.66 is the 200 WMA. Do not over trade the level. 30 Yr. Bonds…daily … Continue reading