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Daily Market Intelligence 7/26/19

Daily Market Intelligence 7-26-19

A.M. Look 6/26/19

It’s shaping up to be a morning to let the market tell us what is what. Bitcoin and Oil are the two instruments that have responded the way I thought. 13,500 is the .618 of the life of Bitcoin Futures. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/22/19

Mid-Week Shuffle. EIA this A.M. with FOMC minutes this afternoon. Oil should find initial support into the low 62’s The less you do the happier you’ll be. Hamsters…enjoy. I’ve already mentally checked out until month end. The real game is … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/3/19

Daily Market Intelligence 5-3-19

Daily Market Intelligence 4/2/19

Daily Market Intelligence 4-2-19

Midday Missive

Room trades; Long Spy Feb27 279 Calls @ 1.13 Long EA @ 94.16 with a breakeven stop.   Roku and healthcare led early DJI…Looking for another 800 Points FLR has been on fire. Could an Infrastructure tweet be in the … Continue reading

The Late Show

Oil…CRZO,EC, MUR, OKE, RDSA, BP, XOM have ORH weeks Visa & Mastercard have ORH weekly patterns IBB..has an ORH week working above 109.85. LLY,MRK & PFE have similar patterns working OIL…54.36 is the Weekly ORH# COP…

Daily Market Intelligence 1/30/19

Daily Market Intelligence 1-30-19

A.M. Look 1/29/19

  Indices have recovered from last night’s weakness. Spu/Bonds have the same look as the Nasd Russell/Bonds are probing into its cloud. OIL…52.60 will be pivotal all day Gold…reached its next target @ 1307. It could squeeze to as high … Continue reading

A.M. Look 11/5/18

Asia traded weak followed by buying in Europe before lunch. MJ etf looks good in the Pot realm. I’m long Cronus. Oil is trading oversold. Time Frame Trading