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Daily Market Intelligence 2/20/19

Daily Market Intelligence 2-20-19

Daily Market Intelligence 2/19/19

Daily Market Intelligence 2-19-19

Daily Market Intelligence 2/14/19

Daily Market Intelligence 2-14-19

Daily Market Intelligence 1/15/18

Daily Market Intelligence 1-15-19

A.M. Look 1/14/19

Weak China #’s started the profit taking in the Indices last night. Natgas is the big mover overnight. It could easily rally to 3.70 again. Spu’s…

A.M. Look 11/29/18

Oil…ORL at the bottom of a move is a do not take signal. Sometimes it’s enough to know what not to do. AAPL…Not backing off. Aussie…trading at an inflection point. Very close to electing a run to its 200 DMA … Continue reading

A.M. Look 11/19/18

December (Z) Crude expires today. (F) January is front month. It will be a thin shortened week with most traders minds already out the door for the holiday. Retail looks sick and AAPL cutting production overnight does not help. Full … Continue reading

A.M. look 11/15/18

Spu’s are currently stuck on the 25X3 P&F between last night’s range. Below the Mid 2680’s or above the 2716 ish level. Oil the 25 X3 P&F shows 55.11 is possible again. GBP/USD…closing below 127.65 drops the Pound out of … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/13/18

Daily Market Intelligence 11-13-18

A.M. Look 11/12/18

Spu’s …Point & Figure is stuck between 2772- 2804. Risk spreads are trading heavy. Brexit news keeps the Dollar bid with Euro running its macro sell stops. Natgas is up again after breaking out of a 3 year consolidation the … Continue reading