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Midday Missive

Money for Nothing Negative yields will keep a bid on breaks to Equities. Utilities saw the early bid followed by Fintech names. Auto parts names all rallied early as a defensive trade with Utilities. Indices are not worth trading. Bonds … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/2/19

Ain’t nobody home. It’s singles time. Opportunistic trading. Risk spreads and Indices are trying to back and fill their respective gaps from Friday. Spoo’s will need two daily closes under 2944 for lower. Time Frame Trading. Nasd 100

Daily Market Intelligence 7/2/19

Daily Market Intelligence 7-2-19

Midday Missive

Bitcoin…10,125 fills the gap. Spoos came into macro support. it will take a print into 2955 to reverse on the 25X3 2961.75 fills the Weekly Mini gap. Nasd 100 filled @ 7794.25 London flow is over.

A.M. Look 7/1/19

Spoo..2988 & Nasd 100 7842 are the first upside targets. Nasd/Bond is trading above the multi decade pivot @ 5030. It will take 22 consecutive closes over this level to confirm higher. Spoo’s have turned up on all Point & … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/1/19

Daily Market Intelligence 7-1-19 Daily Market Intelligence 7-1-19

A.M. Look 6/28/19

The Bulls still have control of the board. We are currently range bound in the Indices. That will not be the case in July. Daytraders should keep the mouse clicking to a minimum today. Soybeans..July (N) contract is into a … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/28/19

Daily Market Intelligence 6-28-19

A.M. Look 6/27/19

I will not be reacting to the blather from the G20. I see no reason to get roasted on a tweet from twits. The game is Sunday night into Monday. Wheat is gaining on Corn & Soybeans.

Daily Market Intelligence 6/27/19

Daily Market Intelligence 6-27-19