Pro Tips

A.M. Look 4/2/19

Nasd 100…daily oscillator support is 7470 Oil…61.67 200 DMA, 62.58 50 WMA matching cloud & long-term P&F resistance. Tomorrow is the important day of the week for Oil. Mexico (EWW and the Peso) need another day to confirm more upside. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/2/19

Daily Market Intelligence 4-2-19

Midday Missive

Bond Futures Lower = Financials rip Oil is firm. LONG PBR April 18 16 Call @ .67 cents. I’ve been out of the name from higher. Bought the calls to keep margin free. Industrials are being led by CAT Transports … Continue reading

A.M. Look 4/1/19

Don’t get nuts about missing something. After NYSE opens we’ll see how much individual name buying converts to additional strength in the Indices. You’ll have gaps back @ the qtrly closes. Be patient looking for back and fill. It doesn’t … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/1/19

Daily Market Intelligence 4-1-19


I sold 1/3 here @ the 50 WMA I have a resting order to sell another 30% @ 10.69, just shy of its 200 DMA. This move is vertical for 20% in less than 4 hours. Looking for this to … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Transports led early strength PRED… I added to longs @ 2.45 VKTX…Viking broke out. I have an Initial upside target @ 12.44 with an ultimate 15 print. Oil led Brazil & PBR higher. Names are responding to profit taking in … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/29/19

Spu’s…looking for the upside reversal on the 50X3. It will take a print into the high 30’s. Nasd into initial P&F congestion matching its 200 DMA in the spread. Mini Dow has the cleanest pattern for higher. Crude is … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/29/19

Daily Market Intelligence 3-29-19

A.M. Look 3/28/19

Bunds are gaining on the Italian 10’s Pulte is gaping up into Monthly resistance. Lulu is @ 165 back @ all time highs. Look for another back and forth scrum in the Indices. I would expect reduced volumes. Don’t over … Continue reading