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Daily Market Intelligence 8/9/10

Daily Market Intelligence 8-9-18

Judd’s Room

What is it? Judd’s room is a Q&A session for members, which starts before the New York Stock Exchange opens. It’s a place for RIA’s, Private Investors, and Daytraders to get a market overview and ask risk management questions about … Continue reading

Midday Missive

All FANG AMZN is leading with large open interest @ 1900 for Friday. AAPL is negating yesterday’s negative pattern. Soybeans are trading @ its 50 DMA. Pattern structure is positive. SWN…Southwestern Energy is the only Natgas name reacting to the … Continue reading

A.M. Look 8/8/18

Overnight action has been driven by the currencies GBP/USD is under duress and offered on the crosses. Looking for a 2 way index trade today. Be patient and let the day set up.

Daily Market Intelligence 8/8/18

Daily Market Intelligence 8-8-18

A.M. Look 8/7/18

DJI…is set up to challenge the January weekly reversal. Buy stops are @ 26,003. 25,975 is the exit zone and  closing hurdle for another up move Risk spreads are positive.

Daily Market Intelligence 8/7/18

Daily Market Intelligence 8-7-18

Midday Missive

Facebook led early. NVDA, SMH & AMZN will be the feature this afternoon. All have potential ORH patterns NVDA…ORH pattern working above 253.06 AMZN…

A.M. Look 8/6/18

Spu’s …Point & Figure chart shows 2817 will be support and the closing downside pivot. DAX…is showing a possible ORH day on the back of a stronger Dollar. Sustained and closing price action above 12,760 is needed to believe the … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 8/6/18

Daily Market Intelligence 8-6-18