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Midday Missive

Indices are trying to bottom. Trying is the operative word. Yra posited a mid meeting rate cut. That conversation is coming into the mainstream. We’ll see if that conversation will keep the Indices from imploding. I this event were to … Continue reading

A.M. Look 8/15/19

Spoo/Bond Pit weekly chart is┬árunning this wiggle. Spoo rallied 25 points last night off the gap into 2865 resistance. Currently you’ll need price actin above that level to confirm a short term low. Spoo’s are coming into Macro support levels … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 8/15/19

Daily Market Intelligence 8-15-19

A.M. Look 8/14/19

30 yr. Bonds I’m eyeballing 165.15 as the next rejection level. 5 yr. put in a topping pattern yesterday. That pattern is being negated today. A lot of time was spent late yesterday explaining why we do not take these … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 8/14/19

Daily Market Intelligence 8-14-19

A.M. Look 8/13/19

Pin the tail on the Donkey!!! Selling 1/2 Silver Calls on or just after the opening. Silver will need to maintain this level for two consecutive days in a row to run to the next level. Indices aren’t the feature … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 8/13/19

Daily Market Intelligence 8-13-19

A.M. Look 8/12/19

Hong Kong news has riled overseas markets. ROKU & AMD have received meaningful price upgrades. Yen has seen significant safety inflows. 104.43 is the 200 Month Mvg Avg. There has not been a monthly close under this level for the … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 8/12/19

Daily Market Intelligence 8-12-19

Midday Missive

We’re into news driven algo time with no one around. Spoo double bottomed @ yesterdays opening range. Point & Figure resistance is @ 2928-9 FYI…for money management reasons I exited half of my miners. It’s been a big winner and … Continue reading