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Daily Market Intelligence 5/18/18

Daily Market Intelligence 5-18-18

The Late Show

Trade talk, Tweets=a little risk off It’s a trap either way, both up and down. Nasd 100 would need a close under 6875.50 to believe this is more than a low volume equity check.   Nasd 100 Pit…

Midday Missive

OIH….PSX SLB VLO HAL RIG ESV CENX…17.75 is the Golden Cross, above there is a lot more. Spu’s…25X3 is range bound. Focus on what’s in play OIH..should test 31.00 CENX…  

A.M. Look 5/17/18

Wheat is up into its first resistance zone. A trip to the farmers market here in Chicago revealed that plantings were over a week behind normal schedule. overbought on all time frames. That does not mean I’d consider fading … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/17/18

Daily Market Intelligence 5-17-18

A.M. Look 5/16/18

Italian 10 yr. debt is overnight story. Euro weakened. I took a look at the long-term P&F to add some color to the move. This shows Euro at a level that will take some work to get through. Let the … Continue reading

Daily Market intelligence 5/16/18

Daily Market Intelligence 5-16-18

Midday Missive

Euro…retested it’s last low. Until i see a close below today’s low that should be it for a bit. Spu stopped at the top of the gap. I need a 2696 print to put in a reversal on the long-Term … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/15/18

The Dollar is going to be King for a while responding to interest rate differentials. Euro failed. Grains: Everyone keeps asking me about the Grains. Wheat is a low Risk buy closer to $4.80 Soybeans and Corn need sustained and … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/15/18

Daily Market Intelligence 5-15-18