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Daily Market Intelligence 1/9/19

Daily Market Intelligence 1-9-19

Daily Market Intelligence 1/8/19

Daily Market Intelligence 1-8-19

Daily Market Intelligence 1/7/19

Daily Market Intelligence 1-7-19

Midday Missive

Outside reversal pattern abound. GoldnEuros…Gold topped! The world follow the 30 Yr. on Payrolls Friday Spu/Bond ORH along with all major indices worldwide. Looking @ 2526 Spu for initial price rejection.

A.M. Look 1/4/19

Nasd, Spu’s and the Equity /Bond spreads are all at resistance. The indices will need to sustain above yesterday’s highs to suck in buyers. Oil strength is helping the Indices.

Daily Market Intelligence 1/4/19

Daily Market Intelligence 1-4-19

Midday Missive

AAPL..141.83 is 200WMA…140.88 50 MMA Eventually AAPLE should retest 127-122 gap GOOGL ran the early rally to nowhere by sweeping the tops above its 50 DMA and rolling over. Expect market weakness into the afternoon session. Oil failed!

A.M. Look 1/3/19

Indices are trading within points of where they opened yesterday. Equity/Bond spreads and the Indices are sitting on momentum & oscillator support Sustaining below those levels will elect further selling. It’s a must hold level. Holding the weeks lows will … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 1/3/19

Daily Market Intelligence 1-3-19

Midday Missive

Most charts look the same. Healthcare is being sold with buyers in GS, beaten up energy & gaming names. I bought the Spy out of the gate and exited a little early capturing 10 S&P points. I’ll look back on … Continue reading