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The Late Show

SPY & Spu’s are trading right on momentum support. Sustained price action below today’s present low should lead to another 20 points lower. 30 yr. Bonds run into trouble on the upside in another 10-15 ticks. This time up the … Continue reading

Midday Missive

This is a spread correction Long DJI/Nasd 100. Long Russell/Short Nasd Gaps were filled in many of the Banks a Low of Day. Pick your poison time. This is a spread correction Long DJI/Nasd 100. Long Russell/Short Nasd Gaps were … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/5/17

China internet names (BABA) dragged down U.S. tech overnight. Copper has smelled like three day old dead fish for a week. The aroma is wafting from China tech. Copper is too tied to China to form up until China finds … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/5/17

Daily Market Intelligence 12-5-17

The Late Show 12/04/17

FLR Colgate & Altria all have ORH days and week with upside follow through today. Look at these names on mid-week weakness. I’ve no intention of chasing anything midday. My friend Adam Johnson from Bullseye Brief wrote a fundamental thesis … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Long Dow Jones names/Short Nasdaq 100 The spread has a long way to go. The spread says the shorts aren’t going to get a lot of love fighting the positive capital flow into Dow names DJI/Nasd 100..daily       … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/4/17

The Financial names are up 2%. Goldman is within striking distance of its 2017 high @ 255. Spu’s…the long-term Point & Figure shows that a move into the 2620’s or low 30’s should be viewed as another buying opportunity with … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/4/17

Daily Market Intelligence 12-4-17

The Late Show

You’ve got the reversal in the Spu’s. Not looking to pick a low but it has done enough damage for now. DEC 30 yr. Futures finally hit the level I’ve been waiting for the past 2 months and gave you … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Canadian Dollar Futures rallied first and the Oil Futures and names followed. Spu’s will need over 2651 late for continued strength. It will be a very hard tug of war all day. IBB…Biotech had a reverse 3-1 split. This makes … Continue reading