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Daily Market Intelligence 2/21/20

Daily Market Intelligence 2-21-20

A.M. Look 2/20/20

Energy inventories today. FYI; today is March Crude expiration World Bond Futures higher with Dollar up. You guessed it = strong Gold Spoo’s come close to pinning the tail on the target last night in early Asia. It will take into the low … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 2/20/20

Daily Market Intelligence 2-20-20

A.M. Look 2/19/20

It’s the Mid-Week Shuffle. Trade accordingly. SBGL..Sibayne Gold is up 11% this A.M. 30% in 4 days. Equities are up on the anticipation of rate cuts and stimulus around the world. Where do you want your money in a zero … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 2/19/20

Daily Market Intelligence 2-19-20

A.M. Look 2/18/20

Instrument are once again at inflection levels. 30 yr Bonds, Spoo’s , Nasd 100 & Gold. Indices are trading at their respective daily ORL #’s Spoo…3365.25 Nasd 100…9588 Gold…will need close to 10 dollars higher to for breakaway on the … Continue reading

Daily Market intelligence 2/18/20

Daily Market Intelligence 2-18-20

A.M.Look 2/14/20

It will be just you and the bots after 10:30. Most market participants will be out the door for the long weekend. Oil is finally getting a bit of a risk bid. Resistance is known and is on your sheets! … Continue reading

A.M. Look 2/13/20

I’m staying home and will forgo the travel among st the unwashed. A newbie in Pax’s room read our glossary yesterday and was trying to understand the mid-week shuffle. Lady, you just saw it in all its glory! Spoo…3355.50 is … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 2/13/10

Daily Market Intelligence 2-13-20