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Daily Market Intelligence 10/11/17

Daily Market Intelligence 10-11-17

The Late Show

The Mining ETF’s GDX & GDXJ showed signs of bottoming before Friday’s payroll low in the precious metals. They are showing signs of fatigue with ORL days working. SA,NEM,SBGL,AUY,AEM,HL & PAAS all show the same pattern. Early this A.M. I … Continue reading


DAX…                   You’re gong to see this type of price action given the general RSi’s ( overbought nature of most names) I prefer to wait for buying opportunity vs. top picking.   … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Nasd 100..6054.75 is today’s ORL#   30 Yr. Bonds…153.03 is today’s 200 DMA.   I’m still looking for a selloff that would take the Bonds to the sell level @ 155.07 Before we start another leg higher in the Equity indices.


Time to do the tighten up. Take your money in this trade. You can leave a trailer on to see if there is more upside.

A.M. Look 10/10/17

Semiconductors are leading with NVDA up 8 dollars Silver is leading the precious metals. Closing over 17.14 will be an oscillator breakout.

Daily Market Intelligence 10/10/17

Daily Market Intelligence 10-10-17

Midday Missive

FTSE is attempting an ORL day. This could spill over into other Indices. Manage your risk the rest of the day. Markets will be thin.

A.M. Look 10/9/17

Silver has ORH pattern follow through. Gold has lost ground to Silver with a potential ORL pattern. Silver…17.03-09 is closing resistance. Gold resistance comes in closer to 1293 today. Bulls want to see this sustain above 1281.80 close to maintain … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/9/17

Daily Market Intelligence 10-9-17