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Midday Missive

  Germany is leading with ORH day in DAX/BUND, DAX & Spoo/DAX Materials are the lowest risk sector buy. GOOGL & AMZN are in their own world with no trade location.

A.M. Look 6/18/19

10 Yr. Bonds have a 128.00 next target . European debt instruments have rallied to fill their respective rollover gaps. Bunds are the exception. Looks like Draghi is trying to force everyone’s hand on rates. Silver needs a close over … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/18/19

Daily Market Intelligence 6-18-19

Midday Missive

FANG led this A.M. LITE is a trade idea from Adam Johnson @ Bullseyebrief. It’s obvious his followers are multiplying by the price action off this instrument. GOOGL has reached gap resistance. NFLX has reached mvg avg resistance. FB was … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/17/19

June Currencies Futures expire @ 9:15 CDT. Take it easy today. It usually takes until after 9:00 CDT for the board to pick a direction. Gold is breaking down against all currencies. It will take another day of weakness to … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/17/19

Daily Market Intelligence 6-17-19

A.M. Look 6/14/19

Full Moon weekend trading. The short side is finished for this flow. Whatever happens this afternoon can happen without me. MU, MSFT, & INTC all have good trad able lows today. Gold…1349.80 is the 50 yard line going into Month … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/12/19

The next Whitewave written updates will be for trade date 6/17/19 Judd’s room will be open @ 7:15 for questions. It’s Wednesday=Mid-Week Shuffle Looking for a two way time frame trade. Spoo’s …so far a lame bounce off its 50 … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/12/19

Daily Market Intelligence 6-12-19

Midday Missive

Topping pattern in MSFT & Visa. They led the bottoming last Tuesday. The alignment was with the Macro closing resistance # in the Nasd 100. Looking for a 2886 print for a reversal on the 25X3 PNF