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Daily Market Intelligence 9/19/17

Daily Market Intelligence 9-19-17

Daily Market Intelligence 9/18/17

Daily Market Intelligence 9-18-17

A.M. Look 9/15/17

Spu’s…N.Korea..No one cares. It will take sustained and closing price action under 2488.20 for weakness.   GBP/USD…Everybody cares. Rising British rates Pounds are close to its upside target. USD/JPY…is showing a possible ORH month (weaker Yen). It will take sustained … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/15/17

Daily Market Intelligence 9-15-17

A.M. Look 9/14/17

GBP/USD…have been in rally mode since the BOE release   GBP/USD…Monthly EUR/GBP…Daily     GBP/JPY…Daily   Sterling is making new highs for the week. Last night YRA posited a 136.50 target. The cloud picks this level up as resistance. Watch … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/14/17

Daily Market Intelligence 9-14-17

Auto Parts Names

ORLY… has gone as high as I’d look for today. Lock in profits! AAP… @ 2/3rds retrace of the Gap..Same advice as above.  

The Late Show

I’m outta here for a meeting. If you’ve got a runner on use your judgement. Time Frame Trading. It either runs out of steam going into London’s close or goes into the U.S. close. Either way you should manage your … Continue reading

Midday Missive

Auto Parts names were featured last night for today’s trade. AAP,ORLY & AZO have been excellent opening range trades. There is no need to risk more than today’s low if you’re involved in any of these names.

A.M. Look 9/13/17

Oil…EIA is @ 9:30 CDT.   Oil is at the top of value on the P&F. it will have to prove itself above this level for a retest of its 200 DMA @49.53. I have no opinion one way or … Continue reading